Introducing Pentacarry. The Best Gaming Bag On The Planet!

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Introducing Pentacarry. The Best Gaming Bag On The Planet!

The Best Gaming Bag On The Planet


Introducing The Pentacarry

A labor of love between professional
gamers and design geeks, the PentaCarry
is the first design-focused backpack for
gamers and creatives who need to bring
their gear (keyboard, mouse, headset, etc)
to work or tournaments. and want to look
good doing it.




Solid Build

With its unique and solid clamshell design, PentaCarry retain its shape, no matter how much you fit inside.


Weighting no more than 1.1kg (2.4 lbs), PentaCarry is lighter than your lightest laptop. But at 27L it can carry much more than its own weight

Zipper and

PentaCarry is secure all-around. Our RFID-Protected pockets prevents forms of digital theft, and you can also lock your zippers together to prevent the actual, physical theft of your belongings.


A Modular

Packing cubes and dopp kits are also
available to bundle things in their own
spaces. PentaCarry's innovative
multifunction tech pouch serves as a
bumbag and a quick access shelf for the
upper space of the front compartment.

Padded For

PentaCarry's breatable shoulder straps and
back are fully-padded for long hours of
carrying. This mean less stress for your
shoulder and lower back.

Pockets and

PentaCarry is fully-optimized for space and
ease of access. It features quick-access
pockets for your phone and wallet, multi-
pocket back compartment for your laptop,
gaming gear, and a front compartment for
your clothes and shoes.

Quality Assurance


and 100%

From storm and snow to the hustle-and-bustle of gaming convention, PentaCarry is versatile, 100% water-repellant, and made to last anywhere.

Produced From
The Highest

From military-grade fabric that retain its color even after years of daily use to leather grab handles that look and feel good, PentaCarry is produced with state-of-the-art Durkopp Adler Computer machinery and top-tier materials.


Our partners are ISO 14001-Certified and members of the European Outdoors Conservation Association and bluesign system. In other words, PentaCarry is produced at the highest ethical and sustainability standards.

I would recommend this bag to anyone who wants to travel without leaving your setup behind. When going to competition I was able to store my large gaming laptop, keyboard/mouse, handheld video game system, and a change of clothes all within the PentaCarry.

There's so many pockets and places to put your things you can go anywhere while still bringing everything with you.

- McIntyre,
Professional Gamer

Honestly, I'd recommend this bag to anyone. I actually recommended it to my mother a couple of weeks ago for her work (she's a college professor and lugs around a laptop and books).

The bag is all-purpose, but as a gamer and heavy tech user, the water protection, ease of packing and unpacking, means it really can work for anyone.

- Ian Anderson,
Co-Owner of HeroesHearth

I've been using the PENTACARRY for 1 month now. I travel to my girlfriend's place quite often and since she lives 2 hours away from me, I usually bring a lot of stuff with me. My laptop, charging devices, mouse, and headphones - everything fits in perfectly.

What's really useful about the PENTACARRY is its flexibility. Whether you travel lightly or bring your entire system, the various mini-bags in the big bag allow you to adjust it the way you want to.

- Kendric Swissh,
Professional Caster
- McIntyre,
Professional Gamer
- Ian Anderson,
Co-Owner of HeroesHearth
- Kendric Swissh,
Professional Caster

Design And Concept

Introducing Pentacarry. The Best Gaming Bag On The Planet!

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